Comparison Below Clearly Shows Mechwood Overweighs Plastic And Natural Wood On All Parameters

Properties MECHWOOD Natural Wood (1st Grade) Plastic Wood
Environment friendly 100% Environment friendly and saves forests. Depletes Environment due to deforestation. Plastics are not environment friendly
Seasonal effect Does not expand/contract Expands & Contracts Very easily affected due to changing weather
Bonding ability Excellent Good Does not bond
Nail / screw holding Excellent Good Very Poor
Strength Stronger than Natural Teak Wood & Plastic Wood Weaker than MECHWOOD Extremely Poor
Versatility Highly Versatile as it can be used for various applicable due to its superior properties of fire resistance, water proofness etc. Poor as it has various inherent problems of effect of water, termites, fire etc. Very poor due to its poor properties of temperature resistance and effect of sunlight.
Warping Does not Warp when exposed to sunlight or high temperatures Slightly Warps when exposed to sunlight Very easily Warps when exposed to sunlight.
Applications Complete replacement to use of natural wood INDOOR AND OUTDOOR due to its superior properties and Machineability Limited in outdoor and indoor due to effect of water, fire etc Not suitable for Outdoor application & limited application to Indoor application due to poor resistance Sunlight, fire , poor strength & poor bonding ability
Properties MECHWOOD Natural Wood (1st Grade) Plastic Wood
Effect of fire Fire Retardant, does not burn & only chars after 1000 deg.cen Burns by itself, not fire retardant, propagates fire, catches fire at very low temperature. Very easily burns
 One piece jointless profiles Special Profiles can be made Jointless Special Profiles cannot be made Jointless Special Profiles cannot be made Jointless
Water absorption Max. 15.8% of weight Normally more than 35% and above of weight Does not absorb water
Machineability Easily Machineable Easily Machineable Cannot be machined
Wastages Nil. As it can be manufactured in the desired size & shape More than 35% wastage in converting natural wooden logs to product form Not applicable as cannot be machined
Effect of water/soap Nil Swells in Water The used wooden dust gets badly affected with water
Effect of termites/ insects/borers Nil Very Poor Resistance Nil
Sound & live knots Nil Natural defect -
Fungal growth Nil Easily develops fungus Used saw dust gets affected and generates fungal growth
Colour Available in any colour Only natural colour Available in any colour