Physical properties of MECHWOOD

“MECHWOOD” aesthetically is identical to ‘Natural teak wood’ but is knotless, the grain varies like natural wood at different depths (the grain pattern does not exist only on surface, it is throughout the depth).

The world is facing the wrath of global warming and Deforestation is a major cause for the same. The availability of natural wood has reduced drastically due to law enacted for environmental preservation. Natural wood has become scarce and the wood which is available has various inherent problems as the trees are cut much prior to the wood achieving maturity. It takes around 70-80 years for the wood to mature however due to scarcity of wood the trees are cut pre-matured.


MECHWOOD is identical to Burmah teak but knotless, water, fire & insect proof.
Unlike the 50% wastage caused in converting natural lumber to usable wood, MECHWOOD can be manufactured in desired sizes & shapes – eliminates the conversion wastage significantly.
The grain varies like natural wood at different depths. Grain pattern does not exist only on surface, but is through out the depth like natural wood.
It has superior nail and screw holding properties and can be machined like natural wood.
It gives the same aesthetics as that of a natural teak wood.
It can be worked upon by carpenters and no additional training is required.
No additional tools or equipment are required to work on MECHWOOD.
MECHWOOD can be polished and laminated the same way as natural wood and has better bonding to melamine polish than natural wood.
MECHWOOD can be of any size, thickness and colour depending upon the plant capacity and requirement. It can be made available in one piece jointless and in ring form (cells running circular) giving 100% strength to the product.