MECHWOOD v/s. Natural Wood


“MECHWOOD” has superior nail holding, screw holding properties and can be machined like natural wood.
“MECHWOOD” gives the same aesthetics as that of natural teak wood.
“MECHWOOD” can be worked upon by carpenters and no additional training and skill is required.
No additional tools or tackles are required to work on “MECHWOOD”. The same tools of Natural Wood can be used.
“MECHWOOD” can be polished, laminated the same way as natural wood and has better bonding properties to other surfaces than natural wood.

Recommended Application Areas

1 Log Houses
2 Deck Flooring
3 Ship / Boat making
4 Any application even if exposed to Rain & Sunlight
1 Furniture making
2 Fire resistant Doors
3 Wooden Floorings.
4 Kitchen Cabinets.
5 Transformer Rings
6 Special One Piece Jointless Profiles
7 Can replace natural wood in all areas