As of now only Plastic wood is considered as a substitute to natural wood. MECHWOOD – The Game Changer

With restriction on cutting of natural wood and India’s commitment to Green India Mission which aims at protecting; restoring and enhancing India's diminishing forest cover and responding to climate change, availability of natural wood is future in going to be limited.

Manmade wood Description
Plastic Wood Composite
Advanced countries in Europe and the USA have made several attempts to manufacture man made wood but have been able to only come out with Plastic wood composite made out of wood flour and scrap plastic, which though is being used to replace wood in non critical areas, has failed on several fronts defeating the required objective. For eg: Plastic wood when exposed to sun tends to deform, peel of and loose its shine and is a major contributor of pollution and global warming as it is a combination of wood flour and plastic.
MECHWOOD is a man made machinable wood patented by an India company after several years of research. The characteristics and properties of MECHWOOD are much superior to that of natural and Plastic wood.
MECHWOOD Private Limited is the only company in the world which has the technology to manufacture this man made machinable wood which is an absolute superior replacement to hard wood in all respects.


Industrial Use